Platt: ‘Here to help Palermo’

David Platt is involved in the Palermo takeover to “help the owners”, but also “it’s raining at home…”

The former Juventus, Sampdoria and Bari midfielder will advise Global Futures Sports, who bought the club from Maurizio Zamparini.

“I’ll help the owners,” Platt said at today’s Press conference.

“We came to Italy to give peace and tranquility. Stability matters, for now that’s represented by the Coach and the players on the pitch.

“It’s clear that any change of ownership will bring a bit of confusion, but those are off the pitch matters.

“Now we think about the pitch, on Saturday the team must play in a calm way. The club has turned the page, now we look forward.”

Platt was then asked how it feels to be back in Italy.

“Good, it’s raining at home! It’s a pleasure to be here, I’ve known this group for many years. I’m here, but it’s not certain what I will and won’t do in the future.

“For now I’m here to lend a hand, and I repeat what I said: we need to give tranquility to the squad. My advice is to give peace of mind to the team, things must not change on the pitch.

“For me the technical aspect is the most important thing.

“I haven’t talked to my old friends yet but I will, that’s normal. What counts is the good of Palermo.

“Will I stay in Palermo? No, I’ll go home. I don’t know for how long because we haven’t decided yet.

“I don’t know when I’ll leave but we’ll certainly be back, we want to be close to the club.”

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