Lucarelli: ‘Money not the most important’

Alessandro Lucarelli wants his example to be “not to look purely at the financial or professional aspect” and feels “a sense of belonging” at Parma.

The defender was Ducali captain when they went bankrupt in 2015, but he remained with the club to help them back up from Serie D.

Now retired, the director is releasing an autobiography which will discuss his time with the club.

“An autobiography means you’ve reached old age,” Lucarelli smiled, speaking to TVParma.

“A cycle had ended and I wanted to go back, starting from Livorno where I was a kid with a huge desire to play and a dream: to become a footballer.

“With some difficulties I managed to make my dream come true, until I arrived at Parma where, with the fans and the city, we wrote history.

“So it’s a complete journey through my career, but it’s not only about football. There’s a sentimental aspect which comes through.

“Much of the book is about my story in Parma, where as well as football and professional path there’s a story of affection and heart, of belonging to this shirt and this city.

“I hope I’ve told it in the best possible way, conveying what Parma means to me, what I did here and what it cost me.

“The example would be not to look purely at the financial or professional aspect, that your heart can sometimes make the difference.

“I don’t feel like an example though, I just hope I’ve set an example with my way of being and doing. If that is recognised in me, that would be the most beautiful compliment.”


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