Gattuso hits out after Salvini criticism

Gennaro Gattuso hit out at Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini after criticism of his Milan picks. “As an Italian, I’d have many things to say to Salvini about his work…”

Salvini is a passionate Rossoneri supporter and the leader of the right-wing anti-immigrant Lega Nord party.

He was in the stands at the Stadio Olimpico for this evening’s 1-1 draw against Lazio and spoke to the media after the game.

“Gattuso is too pig-headed,” Salvini told Top Calcio 24.

“Once you score in such a complicated game as this, it’s normal you have to clam up. What was Gattuso waiting for to make some substitutions, for extra time?

“We had at least three who were exhausted with the heavy rain and the muddy pitch. Can someone explain this Gattuso stubbornness to me?

“In the last 10 minutes, you have to introduce two or three who can run. Introduce Samu Castillejo and take off Fabio Borini, who was running about as fast as my grandmother.

“Did you see the Suso-Patrick Cutrone counter-attack? They were shattered, poor things. If you have someone there with fresh legs, you can control the situation better.

“It didn’t take an experienced Coach to know that, I could’ve figured it out and so could any fan at home making pasta as he watched on TV.

“I don’t know about Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming back, because if you have Cutrone and tell him to just stand there isolated, then what difference is that going to make? Milan’s problems are more in midfield and defence. When I saw a three-man defence today, I started praying…”

Salvini was also critical of Lazio Coach Simone Inzaghi, who was sent off for encroachment after the equaliser.

“Inzaghi acted like a showman for the entire second half and I had an irritated (Lazio President Claudio) Lotito next to me. He didn’t look happy, but I’ll leave the dynamics of other clubs alone.”

When Gattuso was informed of this tirade during his Press conference, the Coach hit back in his inimitable style.

“I urge Salvini to think about politics rather than football, seeing as we have so many huge problems in Italy. It drives me crazy, with all the issues this country has, Salvini has time to chat about Milan.

“He’s been saying this sort of thing for a while, first criticising Gonzalo Higuain, now complaining about my substitutions.

“As an Italian citizen, I’d have many things to say to Salvini about his work…”

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