• Marcelino: 'Juve at top level now'

    Marcelino: 'Juve at top level now'

    Valencia Coach Marcelino maintains Juventus “are at the same level as Real Madrid and Barcelona,” but VAR is needed after that Manchester United winner. The combination of this 1-0 defeat to Juventus and a last-gasp Manchester United victory over Young Boys means Valencia are heading to the Europa League in 2019. “We are sad at…

  • Chiellini: 'Juve will always score'

    Chiellini: 'Juve will always score'

    Giorgio Chiellini insists Juventus focus more on defending and a clean sheet because “with all that quality in attack, a goal will come eventually.” The Bianconeri secured qualification to the Round of 16 with a 1-0 win over Valencia this evening. “The team is growing, we work hard and take it step by step,” the…

  • Allegri: 'Juve used their heads'

    Allegri: 'Juve used their heads'

    Max Allegri said Juventus “had to use our heads” for the 1-0 victory over Valencia, noting they are not a very typically Spanish side. A Mario Mandzukic goal proved enough at the start of the second half on Cristiano Ronaldo’s assist. “Valencia proved they are in good shape, have the best defence in La Liga…